1. Jake Thomas says:

    Hi Dean,

    We’d love if you would consider us for a review copy of Lumber Island. We have a talented team who can get up a review ASAP.

    We would also love to know if you’d be available for an email interview. However, we understand if that is no possible.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Jake Thomas
    Features Editor

  2. Alexander Minkin says:

    There is a technical question – could you please allow us ([ZDR] studios) to make videos, in which we play Lumber Island? We think, that it will enlarge interest to the game in Russia.
    Hope to receive your answer, Alexander Minkin, [ZDR].

  3. Hi

    I have played chapter 1 of Lumber Island and must sayt that it is amazing the amount of work you have put into the game. I am very excited to be able to play chapter 2 soon and was just wondering if you can give any update about when this will be available.

    Best regards and keep the good work up!

    Christoffer “Zalzar”

  4. Nokzen says:

    Would love a chance to Play your game on my YouTube Channel.
    Sent you a mail @

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