Lumber Island – That Special Place
[ Trailer ]

Did you miss the taddy?

Lumber Island - That Special Place-s16

the final game is coming.

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The Great Story of a Mighty Hero
on Desura


“The Great Story of a Mighty Hero” is now available on Desura

The Great Story of a Mighty Hero
on Humble Store

“The Great Story of a Mighty Hero” is now available on Humble Store!

The Great Story of a Mighty Hero


Fun “Hack and Slash” RPG Game.

- Irony
- Black humor
- Non-stop mincer

Coming in December

“A great misfortune has fallen upon our world.

The death has vanished. Nobody dies here, all dead come back.
Our world is exhausted and soon will nothing be left from it.

But there was a Prophecy, proclaiming about Mighty Hero,
who would come and bring death back. For thousands of years people awaited
hіs coming through the portal, still noone came from it, except our dead.
But now the Prophecy came true – you are here…”

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Lumber Island – Chapter II: The Light

PrevImage 1024x768

Second chapter of my game Lumber Island now available!

Hope you enjoy it ;)




Lumber Island – Chapter II

Screenshots of the second chapter, release date will be announced soon ;)

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Lumber Island – Relese of the First Chapter

First chapter of Lumber Island now available to Free Download!

Hope you enjoy it ;)

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Lumber Island

Lumber Island – Indie/Horror/Adventure/Quest.

You awake to find yourself in a life-boat ashore an island, and the last thing you can recollect is having fun at a great yacht party.

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Dashboard Concept [Browser Preview] [2014]


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